\ Fluoroplast-4 (F-4) semi-finished products

Fluoroplast-4 (F-4) semi-finished products

Fluorine-containing polymers (fluoroplasts) are a group of plastics with unique properties. High fluorine and carbon bonding strength and specific molecule structure determine such a combination of physical and chemical fluoroplast properties, which no other materials own.

Fluorine-containing polymers have exclusively high chemical action resistance, sufficiently high strength, perfect dielectric, antifriction and antiadhesion properties. They also have an ability to save these properties in a wide temperature range. For the purpose of definite fluoroplast properties increase (hardness, deformation resistance, wear resistance, friction coefficient decrease, thermal conductivity and others), their compounds with different fillers are designed and have being produced.

Thanks to these properties, fluoroplasts are used in the very different industries, agriculture, building and life. In the 30s of the last century, the PTFE discoverer Dr. Roy Plunkett affirmed that PTFE use possibilities are only restricted by the human fantasy.

Fluoroplast articles have taken a lasting place in chemical industry, aerospace engineering, modern communication facilities, radio electronics, shipbuilding, superpurity substances production.
Fluoroplast articles’ fields of application have been continuously widening.


Fluoroplast-4 – ( – CF2CF2 – )n - is a product of TFE polymerization.

Foreign analogs: TEFLON 7; FLUON G 163, 190; ALGOFLON F; HOSTAFLON TF 1702; POLYFLON M 12, 14.

Fluoroplast-4 (F-4) has exclusive resistance to acids, dissolvents, mineral oils and alkalis, inertness, water steam resistance, atmosphere resistance (water absorption is equal to zero), climatic and bacterial effect (it is unstable to melted metal alkalis’ action and their solutions in ammonia, unstable to elementary fluorine and trifluorochlorine action). The material has sufficiently high strength, perfect dielectric, antifriction (friction coefficient on steel is 0.04) and antiadhesion properties. Operating range of service life for fluoroplast-4 products is from minus 269°С to plus 260°С, decomposition temperature is over 415°С.