\ \ Fluoroplast-4 based compounds applications

Fluoroplast-4 based compounds applications

F-4К20 (20% coke)
For antifriction purpose different products manufacture, including piston rings, friction bearings, joint cups and other products, working under the temperature from –60 to +250 °С.
F-4К15М5 (15% coke, 5%molybdenum disulfide)
F-4S15 (15% glass fiber)
Used in frequent impact load conditions, especially for different structural units manufacture.
F-4UV15 (15% carbon fiber)
Used for sealing and supporting elements manufacture, for tribology applications, working in compressors of general-purpose or other machines and mechanisms with or without bounded lubrication.
АFGМ (40% graphite, 5%molybdenum disulfide)
For compressors squeezing dry gases.
АFG-80VS (20% artificial graphite)
For compressors squeezing humid gases.
F-4КS2 (2% cobalt blue)
For different moving seals and antifriction purpose stationary parts manufacture, including bearing products with increased bedding speed, high elasticity, heat-resistance and chemical durability.