\ \ Fluoroiplast-4 based antifrictional compounds

Fluoroiplast-4 based antifrictional compounds

Compounds based on fluoroplast-4 are mostly used as antifrictional materials for bearing parts manufacture, production of piston rings used in compressors, gaskets and seals in strict operating conditions, valve seats, valve apertures, sealing rings and other products used in machine-building, chemical and other industries.

Fluoroplast-4 is one of the best and most perspective antifrictional self-lubricating materials for the work in the strictest conditions of corrosive mediums effect and sudden temperature differences thanks to unsurpassed chemical, thermo- and frost-resistance and exceptionally low friction coefficient.

Although low wear resistance and heat conduction, high coefficient of the thermal expansion restrict or completely exclude its use in pure form in friction units.

To increase hardness, heat conduction and abrasion resistance and to decrease deformation under load and thermal expansion coefficient, different fillers withstanding fluoroplast-4 processing temperature (360°С) are added to fluoroplast-4.

In general, different inorganic materials are used as the fillers: ground glass fiber and other inorganic fibers, coke meal, bronze, asbestos, molybdenum disulfide, cupric, ferric and nickel powders, boron nitride, calcium fluoride, potassium titanate, quartz, zirconium meal, blacklead, gas black.

Fluoroplast-4 filled compounds are processed by molding and sintering of semi-finished products with the following machining.
Fluoroplast-4 particles soft and fibrous structure lets easily sinter (without form) and cool an article without pressure in case of compound molding.
Sintering temperature is 360-370°С, unit pressure during filled fluoroplast perform molding is 29,4-39 MPa.