\ \ Tapes of fluoroplast-F4К15М5-L and fluoroplast-F4К15М5-L-EА compounds

Tapes of fluoroplast-F4К15М5-L and fluoroplast-F4К15М5-L-EА compounds

(TU 6-0505-138-80)

F4К15М5-L and F4К15М5-L-EА grade tapes are used for production of articles with antifriction purposes: overlaid ways of machine-tools, sleeve bearings and other articles used in machine tool industry and other fields of engineering industry.

F4К15М5–L tape is produced by skiving of cylindrical F4К15М5 compound billet according to TU 6-05-1413-76 standard.

F4К15М5–L–EА tape is produced by processing of F4К15М5–L tape on each side by glow discharge.

F4К15М5–L–EА tape can be fixed to the metal bases by means of different clues (for ex., by means of epoxy К-153А or B clue and so on).

The warranty period of F4К15М5–L tape storage is 3 years from the date of production.

The warranty period of F4К15М5–L–EА tape storage is 1 year from the date of production (from processing by glow discharge).

Dimensions of compound tapes

Thickness, mm
1,0 — 3,0
Thickness tolerance, mm
Width, mm
60 — 140
Width tolerance, mm
Length, mm
Not less 0,6
Not less 1,0

According to the agreement between the customer and the manufacturer tape of F4К15М5–L–EА grade is produced from 1,0 till 2,5 mm thick and from 25 till 140 mm wide.