\ \ Fluoroplast-4 and compounds exacting articles produced by mechanical processing

Fluoroplast-4 and compounds exacting articles produced by mechanical processing

Our enterprise produces fluoroplast exacting articles by the customer’s drafts. The modern machines with program digital control applied allow providing you with high-quality cheap fluoroplast-4 articles. You do not feel a need to process fluoroplast billets losing at the same time expensive materials. The only thing you should do is to place an order for exacting articles at our enterprise.

Exacting articles made of fluoroplast-4 and compounds based on it are produced by mechanical processing of fluoroplast-4 semi-finished products and its compounds: F4К20; F4S15; F4К15М5; F4К15UV5; F4UV15; F4М5.

Exacting articles which are the end articles are designed for kitting-up different mechanisms, friction units, pipelines, seal assemblies of reinforcement.

The working temperature range of articles is between -60°С and +250°С.

The exacting articles are produced in the form of sealing rings, plates, gaskets, tubes and so on according to the customer’s drafts by mechanical processing on the lathes, milling machines and other machine-tools.

The dimensions of articles and tolerances on them are determined by the drafts approved between the customer and the manufacturer.

Standards TU 2249-140-05807960-2001

The density of exacting articles should be not less 2.0 g/cm3 and is determined by the thickness of the billets they are made from.

The usage of fluoroplast articles is always effective as they provide for reliability, increase the service life of constructions and mechanisms, facilitate their maintenance and operation, and save nonferrous metals.