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HaloPolymer Perm, OJSC

About the Enterprise

Open Joint Stock Company HaloPolymer Perm is one of the largest chemical enterprises in Russia. HaloPolymer Perm, OGSC produces more then one hundred of different products of organic and inorganic chemistry, including 50 to 100% of the unique products manufactured in Russia: fluorine hydride, freons-14, 22, 125, 318; chemical agents, hydrofluoric acids, fluoroplastics and products made of them.

An international quality control system under MS ISO 9001:2000 is effective at HaloPolymer Perm, OJSC. Its functioning was confirmed in 2006 (license No. 15100 21322 dated 29 November, 2006 issued by TUF CERT, a certifying body based on the results of a certification audit).

HaloPolymer Perm, OJSC – is a successful and dynamic enterprise that enjoys sustainable production process and high quality products. In 2007 the plant launched the production of new melt processable fluoropolymers, one of the promising areas of polymer business.

HaloPolymer Perm products are purchased by German, French, Belgian, Swiss, Hungarian, Polish, USA, Canadian, Turkish Chinese, Korean, Brazilian, Italian, Rumanian, Vietnamese, Netherlandish, Japanese and other enterprises.

History of the Enterprise

1942 Foundation of the enterprise
1962 Production of fluorine hydride and fluorine salt is launched.
1964 Freon (R11, R12) production is launched.
1966 PTFE and freon R22 production is launched.
1968 Tungsten hexafluoride production is launched.
1982 Sulfur hexafluoride production is launched.
1985 Production of fluorinated telomeric alcohols is launched.
2003 The Company is reorganized to become an open joint stock company.
2005 Halogen, OJSC introduces an international quality control system under MS ISO 9001:2000.
2007 Production of specialized fluoropolymers and fluoroprenes is launched.
June 2008 Creation of Open Joint Stock Company HaloPolymer, which has consolidated the largest Russian enterprises that specialize in polymer production.

As of June 2008, HaloPolymer, OJSC holds 99.8% of voting shares of HaloPolymer Perm, OJSC.

Address: 614042, Russia, Perm, ul. Lasvinskaya, 98

General Director, Alexey I. Roshchin

Tel.: + 7 (342) 250-61-52

Personal Assistant to Director:

Tel.: + 7 (342) 250-61-52, fax: + 7 (342) 250-61-51, e-mail: a.pyankova@halopolymer-perm.com

Chief Engineer, Valery V. Andreychatenko:

Tel.: + 7 (342) 250-61-80

Personal Assistant to Chief Engineer:

Tel.: + 7 (342) 250-61-80, e-mail: SEKRETAR@halopolymer-perm.com

Clerical office:

Tel.: + 7 (342) 250-61-00, + 7 (342) 250-63-69, fax: + 7 (342) 250-61-06

e-mail: mail@halopolymer-perm.com

Head of Documentation Transaction Support Department, Svetlana N. Legotina:

Tel. + 7 (83361) 6-90-74, e-mail: LegotinaSN@halopolymer-kc.com

Head of Material and Technical Supply Department, Irina N. Tatar:

Tel. +7 (342) 250-64-75, e-mail: I.TATAR@halopolymer-perm.com

Quality Director, Anastasia V. Obodova:

Tel.: + 7 (342) 250-61-50, e-mail: a.obodova@halopolymer-perm.com

Deputy Head of Legal Department, Galina V. Vaseneva:

Tel.: + 7 (83361) 69-191, e-mail: VasenevaGV@halopolymer-kc.com

Chief Accountant, Elena V. Loginova:
Tel: + 7 (83361) 6-92-34, e-mail:

Head of Labour and Wages Department, Natalia A. Gromova:

Tel. + 7 (83361) 6-94-44, e-mail: GromovaNA@halopolymer-kc.com

Head of HR Department, Svetlana M. Sozontova:

Tel. +7 (83361) 6-94-51, e-mail: SOZONTOVASM@halopolymer.com

Deputy Head of HR Department, Vladimir V. Burdin:

Tel.: + 7 (342) 250-62-57, e-mail: burdin@halopolymer-perm.com